Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kids Wrestling

Daddy is teaching the kids how to wrestle. They had so much fun. Tylee just loves it too.


Rocky on a pony for the first time. :)

Tylee loving her pony ride.

Alex riding an elephant. How cool. I love elephants.

First time I have seen camels at a circus. Not a great picture but they were running around.

Eating cotton candy. Alex couldn't stop eating his, Rocky thought it was too sweet and Tylee just ate a little here and there.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010

Can I just tell you how hard it is to get them all to smile nicely.

So Santa Claus came to the library and Tylee was the first one down on his lap. It was so funny. I said hey Tylee are you going to go sit on Santa's lap? Last year she was deathly afraid of him. So when she jumped from my lap and ran down to the front I couldn't believe my eyes. All of the parents were laughing becasue she was telling him what she wanted even before she sat down. She was very happy to see him and tell him what she wanted.

Tylee at her art class

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The kids just watching a movie together.
Rocky making a wall bubble.

Alex making a huge bubble. This was fun.

Tylee smelling all the different stations. She liked this one. Especially the one that smelled like coconut.

Trying to go thru the spiders web without making the bells ring. If the bell rings then the spider will come and eat you. The kids had a blast with this one. I took the kids here on Thursday. They had a great time. There were all kinds of fun things for them to do. Funny mirrors, animals, fossils, magnetic stuff to place with etc. Pretty fun place for a small town.

Today at the library they put on a puppet show. It was so much fun. I love our library they truly go above and beyond. They also got a visit from Spot the dog and then got to make dog ears and eat puppy chow. So much fun!
Tylee hugging Spot the dog.

Tylee making her dog ears and eating puppy chow.

Doesn't she take the best pictures. LOL